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A Step-by-Step Guide for Starting a Home-Based Adult Novelty Business

One of the innovative business you can start from home is to sell adult novelty products. Adult toys are excellent products for couples and are often used in bachelor and bachelorette parties. The fact that the manufacturers of these products prefer to use home-based distributors opens a world of opportunity for you. You can buy these items at highly discounted rates and sell with profit. You can plan for parties and sell your products there or advertise them on your website.

Here are the steps you need to take to start.

  1. Find companies that make novelty products and take a look at the products they have. Select the ones that you feel would appeal to a broad audience. 
  2. Contact the company, let them know you would like to become a home-based distributor for the company’s product. Ask after their contract terms.  Sometimes, a minimum number of purchases is required to become a distributor of a company. Ask for the margin discount so you can know if the opportunity is worth your time and money.
  3. Whatever you do, you won’t want to mess with the law. Therefore, take the time to find out if rules are governing home-based business in your area.  You may have to acquire some licenses and permits.  You should also check if there are obscenity rules that prevent you from selling adult products. Finally, check with the local SBA f you can operate a business from your area.
  4. Once you have received the approval from the company, buy the minimum number of products the contract allows. Make sure the delivery details are accurate. At this point, you should have an inventory paper to keep track of your business.
  5. It’s time to party, but it’s going to be business to you. Plan an adult novelty party and invite your friends that love such things.  Label your products along with a brief description and display them for all to see.
  6. You can also sell your product from your website.  Simply create a page with the item picture and description. You can use a third-party payment processing company or PayPal to receive payments from your customers. Submit your page to the search engines, and don’t forget to ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to receive tips and new product information.
  7. Finally, you will need to create a blog so that you can leverage content marketing for your home business. Write a review of products and discuss the latest trends in the adult novelty market. It is best to update your blog consistently so you can get many consistent followers of your blog.  According to Business Week, blogs are an essential part of any business; it’s an easy way to update the public about the latest event in business.

A Final Note

You should try to network with other home-based novelty product sellers and ask about their experience, challenges and successes. This approach would allow you to avoid pitfalls and give you valuable tips that would help you succeed.