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An Overview of the Largest Consumers of Adult Content

Overview of The Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult niche is one of the industries with the highest website traffic in the world today. We decided to embark on research to analyze the amount of traffic coming to adult websites and the source of the website traffic.  The results are quite surprising and give a pointer to how online marketers are leveraging the adult niche to maize income.

A research carried out in Feb 2015 shows that 4.41% of all desktop devices that access the internet visits adult entertainment websites. This research was carried out by ExtremeTech by extracting data from the DoubleClick Ad Planner. The study also shows that the leading adult entertainment website in the world has a whopping 4.4 billion-page views every single month.  Compare this figure to Reddit, one of the most popular sites in the world, only gets 2.8 billion-page views per month.

The research also revealed that the adult entertainment industry ranks number seven out of all categories, just falling slightly below computers and electronics. It even outranks many other sectors, including sports!

People prefer the vices, thrills, and entertainment of adult content to any other option. For instance, Adult entertainment sites acquired more visitors than recreation, gambling; beauty and fitness, travel, and health. The adult entertainment industry generates massive revenue which is estimated to be twice that of the finance industry. The chart below shows the traffic share of each industry.

Adult entertainment percentage desktop worldwide

The adult industry is also the fourth largest category that acquires its traffic from display ad with just about 3% of the market share, ranking after shopping sites.  The gambling and gaming sectors are at the top of this category. Shopping is another sector that follows closely. Shopping sites invest considerable sums in visual ads to attract visitors to their online stores

Adult entertainment display ads
Countries with biggest share adult entertainment

The Analysis of Similar web shows that the top two countries with the highest number of adult websites are Iraq and Egypt. These are two of the most socially conservative countries that you won’t consider among the top ten.  Others in this category includes European countries, Japan, Peru, and South American nations.

The Eastern countries take the lead among the nations with the longest average session time. Asian and Middle-East countries dominate the chart.  Surprisingly, the USA, US, and Canada do not show up in the chart below. This result gives us an idea that  the market for adult entertainment in oversea countries is lucrative.

Countries longest sessions adult entertainment

World average – 0:03:16

Countries most pageviews adult entertainment

World average – 3.8

Europe takes the lead in the highest page view per visit analysis. Countries in northern Europe are the driving factor of in this stat.  Hong-Kong ranks high in the list, along with the neighboring country, Singapore, in the fifth position.

Search Engines by Their Share of Traffic Supplied to Adult Site

Traffic source adult entertainment

The most dominant search engine used in for locating adult websites is Google. A whopping 83.48% of all adult searches came from Google. This figure is not surprising because Google is the most dominant search engine in the world today. It is natural for adult content consumers to turn over to Google for their searches. However, there are suggestions that more users are switching to Bing for adult content searches because Google filters its search results.

Countries smallest share adult entertainment

World average – 4.41 percent

Pornography is a strong taboo in Muslim countries. It is not surprising that the top five sites that have the smallest share of adult websites are mainly Muslim countries. However, other nations that top the list are those that have been influenced by religion such as Australia, New Zealand. Surprisingly, Thailand has a small share also.

Countries highest bounce rate online porn

The nations with the highest number of bounced traffic are predominantly from Muslim countries. This data suggests that the questionable and perhaps forbidden imagery display made the visitor exit the page immediately. 

Countries shortest sessions online porn

The shortest average session time is considered a negative factor because spending fewer time on a website means the user did not like the content. However, as for adult websites, a shorter time means that the site has achieved its goal. This is an industry secret, so we would not elaborate further. Given this analysis, we can say that the visitors from Russia are high satisfied with the content of the adult website they browse. On the other hand, the visitors in Bulgaria and Romania, want more.

Social networks traffic adult entertainment

Surprising Fact

The top social media sites that drive traffic to adult sites are not Facebook as you would have predicted. Instead, it is Reddit. You will notice that Tumbler is not on the list. The reason is that Tumbler blog sites are subdomains. So, the stat will count each subdomain as a separate website. 


What we have learned from this research is that adult websites are waxing stronger.  The bulk of adult websites are from European nations, while most of the traffic is coming from the United States.  Perhaps, Los Angelis being the hub of sex films, is a factor that influenced this result. Another factor that might influence the flow of traffic from the United States is that the country is the world’s leading economy.

Given the large size of the United States, one can conclude that the traffic flow per capita is not as high as other smaller countries. For instance, the population of the UK is substantially lower when compared to the United States.

Another noteworthy fact is that the sessions per user for the countries in the Middle East are one of the longest, and also the highest bounce rate. One may conclude that those that visited the site be accident leave immediately and those that browsed to adult sites deliberately enjoys the content.

Top suppliers adult entertainment traffic

One of the vital lessons from this research is that adult websites must be highly adaptable to align with the ever-changing and varied user preferences. Another fact is that the different contrasting laws that govern the production of online porn content constitute a significant factor that influences the industry. Despite these bottlenecks, adult websites are still flourishing across the globe.