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Coronavirus Induced Sales: Why did the sales of sex toys skyrocket after the COVID-19 outbreak?

A report from a New Zealand-based adult toy store has indicated that the sale of various types of sex toys skyrocket since the outbreak of Coronavirus. The demands for vibrators, lubricants, and batteries have surged almost overnight.

According to Nicole Relph, the owner of Adult Toy Mega Store,  the sudden increase in sales came at the backdrop of the World Health Organization declaring  COVID-19 a pandemic.

Ms. Ralph narrated that customers claim they are stocking the sex toys and its accessories in case self-isolation becomes prolonged.

These customers are getting cautious because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They would not be using online dating apps or going out on dates. So, instead of getting bored at home, they want to get something to “keep them busy. ”

Well, a 2018 research pointed out that masturbation may possibly enhance the immune system. Ms. Ralph also reiterated the well-known fact that orgasm does an excellent job inducing relaxation and also calms the mind. In essence, it helps you sleep better, so your body and mind can rest. These statements cannot be far from the truth because the hormones dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are released when you climax. These are hormones that make you “feel good and relaxed.” So, Consequently, rest plays a crucial role in helping you develop and maintain a healthy immune system.