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The Best Adult Business Marketing Strategies

Everybody who is into marketing knows that sex is one of the hottest selling tools. Even tobacco companies add double entendres to their packaging to attracts buyers. One of the best things I loved about marketing adult products is that they are evergreen.

 Since sex is an integral part of our DNA, it would always sell. It is not surprising that the adult industry buys a good chunk of online advertising media. As an affiliate marketing adult products, I have first-hand knowledge of this fact.

The extent to which people love porn and adult stuff is unimaginable. It seems they can never get enough of them.

Come to think about it, the leading porn video sites such as Xvideos, YouPorn, PornHub, and RedTube amass billions of visitors every single month. Add this figure to the gazillions of other adult sites on the internet, and you would realize that the industry is massive.

In this article, I will reveal some strategies that would help you launch your adult marketing business. After reading through these strategies, you would be ready to earn a share of this insanely profitable industry.

First, I would like to warn you that affiliate marketing would not fill your bank account with cash overnight.  In fact, you will have to put more efforts if you are marketing adult products due to the many challenges you will face along the way.  Adult marketing is just like any type of business that required that you put in some hard work to achieve massive success in the long run. So, you would be wrong if you are hoping for immediate gratification.

For instance, I started with adult marketing in 2008, and It took a couple of weeks before I could earn my first commission of about $60. However, it took a couple of years before I started earning a recurring stable income from my online business.  The moral here is that you would not get rich overnight with adult marketing.  But you would make decent money eventually if you put in some hard work and do not give up.

First of all, bear in mind that you would not be able to make outright adult content advertisement on social media. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and the likes always flags adult content. So, you have to use a more discreet strategy rather than depending on social shares.

However, there are several other channels for advertising adult content online.  Given my years of experience in adult marketing, I would say content marketing and email marketing are the best strategies for marketing your adult offers.

I can teach you how to start your adult website in less than a day. However, it would be an uphill battle competing against the big players in the industry. Moreover, the traffic quality is nothing to write home about.

As for me, I made my breakthrough using a content strategy. I believe this approach to marketing adult content can work for you too. Below is a step-by-step overview of my strategy. You can replicate the same doe your own business.

Select a niche:  It is essential to choose a niche. Since you are not big enough to compete with the big players, it would be smart to use a different strategy. You can select a niche such as hentai, lesbian, BBC, family taboo, or any other one that you liked.  Only be sure the niche is large enough for you to get decent traffic.

Create a Plan: You should have a plan for your affiliate marketing, just like you would do when you start any other business.  You can only be successful when you work hard. I would recommend spending an hour a day to write adult website reviews.

Take Action: It is not just enough to have a plan; you must follow up your ideas with action.

If you follow the steps detailed above, you would soon start earning revenue from your business. My approach is to write reviews. Every time a visitor visits an advertiser site from the link and converts, I make a commission.

It is essential to note that converting your traffic is the key to making from affiliate marketing. There are two models of conversion, and it could either be a sale or a lead. A lead is a visitor that opt-in to the advertiser mailing list while a sale is a visitor that buys a product or service.

A content marketer has some advantage over sites that are basically videos because a content site can generate organic traffic. I get traffic from all over the world because my websites are optimized to rank on the search engine result pages.

It would surprise you that I had never once used paid traffic for my sites. AlI I had to do is write between a 1,000–2,000 words content for the leading porn sites. I also write content for other niche sites such as can offers, male enhancement, and the likes.

Once I started getting massive traffic, I began collecting email addresses. In no time, I have gathered 10,000 subscribers in my mailing list! The email list gives me the privilege to earn additional revenue by promoting offers to my subscribers.

Note that you would need to join one of the multiple affiliate-networks before you can earn revenue from promoting offers. To save you time, CrakRevenue about the best place to find great offers.

Almost all affiliate networks that work with mainstream products downplay adult offers. CrakRevenue is about the only site that focuses on adult offers.  After joining the affiliate network, you can start promoting the offers that you like, from cams to dating and video sites.

You would receive a unique affiliate link for each offer you choose to promote. The link contains your affiliate ID, which allows the network to track your conversions and pay you for them. The platform also gives you tools such as creatives—banners, overlays, etc. or promoting affiliate offers.

Once you have received your tracking code and other creative items, simply select a prominent place on your website so visitors can click on the link.  Paste the code there, and you’re all set.  CrakRevenue has a smart tool that can help you select the best converting affiliate offers based on factors such as geolocation, interests, and lots more. 

You can register a domain name from GoDaddy; I use StableHost for my web hosting service. You can select any service you want, but make sure your hosting server supports adult content. You should check their Terms of Service section of the hosting platform for this information.

Here are some facts you should bear in mind while marketing adult affiliate offers.

It might take time to see results. So, do not get discouraged. It is essential to continue promoting your affiliate offers. Although social media sites may not be the best place to post adult content, there are other avenues to promote your offers. For instance, I used to post watermarked gifs from my website to get a few traffic. After that, I locate relevant forum and post signature links if they are allowed. The tule of thumb about forums Is to post relevant information without spamming.

Collect Emails:  Use a platform for collecting email addresses. I use WP Mail Catcher on my site. After that, you can start sending emails to the people who are interested in your adult content. Mailchimp is another excellent platform that offers templates and allows you to create a small list for free.

Once you are set, it would be smart to start talking to your affiliate manager. They are intelligent people who have an in-depth understanding of the industry. They can help you increase your affiliate revenues. Also, once you have developed a rapport with your affiliate manager, you can negotiate higher payout when you send more conversions to their offers. Don’t forget to join forums and network with other affiliates.

We have come to the end of this simple guide to earning revenue from adult marketing. I have left out the boring details; you will learn many more from experience once you start affiliate marketing.