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The Best Ways to Promote Your Adult Website

It is always a pain in the neck to market a website in a niche that is widely disallowed. So, if you have an adult toy store, escort service, or porn site, you would find it challenging to market your business. However, there is still a way out of this dilemma. You can engage the service of an adult SEO expert to overcome your marketing challenges.

We have done extensive research over the years of working with the adult niche and have mastered the best practices to become successful.  The lessons we learned and the techniques we deployed are somewhat complicated, but our results speak for themselves. Although digital marketing and search engine optimization for adult content is an uphill task, we have enjoyed massive success in this niche. Without being overbearing, we can claim that we have conquered the world of adult websites. We can make a success of any online marketing campaign for an adult website.

Proper Management of Adult Online Marketing Activities

The search engine remains the primary source of free visitors to a website. However, your site needs to rank high in the search engine results pages to get massive traffic. That is when your adult business can start earning significant revenue. There is no room to relax after your website has started ranking, you have to be on your toes to maintain the ranking. Why? The higher the ranking of your website, the more your business is exposed to threats.  Your competitors will pull all sorts of dirty pranks, such as DDoS attacks, to bring your site down. However, we have solved such challenges many times in the past. We use the best premium online services to protect our websites, ensuring it is available to serve customers.

At a time, we seem to be at the top of the game, ranking is excellent, and the massive website visitors are converting to sales.  Naturally, we relaxed to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. What happened next was an eye-opener, and it changed our notion about website ranking. For no apparent reason, the site just plummeted down the search engine result pages. We could not even get a clue from Google Webmaster; there was no warning, no errors, and not a single message. The only faint pointer was a sharp rise in backlinks recently. Well, that’s a good lead to start researching the cause of the drop in ranking.

Adult website backlinks management: A critical aspect of your business.

Your website gets lots of benefits from getting backlinks with the right set of keywords. However, competitors can also use backlinks to spam your site so they can get better rankings.  They post links with poor keywords to low-rated and suspicious websites to drop your ranking. This type of attack is called negative SEO. To solve this problem, we turned to Google Disavow, an integrated feature within the Google Webmaster Tool. Google Disavow provides an interface for you to report all the blackmailing backlinks that are causing harm to your site.

There are top-notch tools that you can combine with content strategies to get your site ranking top in the search engine result pages.  Besides, many other online tools can help you check the backlinks that are causing negative SEO. We recommend that you use the automated tools to check for these pesky backlinks twice daily. Also, you should check for harmful backlinks manually every week. With this approach, negative backlinks cannot go unnoticed.

After conquering the negative SEO assailants, it’s still not time to sing the victory song. Several other factors could be undermining the ranking of your website on Google. In some cases, MOZ, a high-authority directory, would deny access to your adult website, redirecting it to a 404 error page. Some attacks would not affect the way your website displays on a browser, but search engine bots would be redirected to a 404 error page. This is another sneaky ways competitors attack your web server. They perpetrate this despicable act by injecting codes into your website that makes it invisible to search engine bots.

The solution that readily comes to mind is to change your hosting server, which would cost you loads of cash to accomplish. Moreover, it is not a permanent solution. The attackers can still do the same on your new server. The best approach is to use a server scanner that inspects and keeps a wide variety of sneaky server attacks at bay.

Can Adult SEO techniques be used in other industries?

Over the years, we have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly side of website marketing and SEO. So, we can claim with all confidence that we know what it takes to make a success of online marketing campaigns. The procedure of using adult marketing strategies in another sector may look unrealistic. However, these strategies work like magic, because hardly can you find a business using these methods in other industries. If we can be successful in a complicated and competitive industry like adult marketing, dominating other sectors would be a piece of cake. You can trust us to rank websites in any niche at the top of the search engine results pages very quickly.

The tasks involved in handling SEO and marketing for the adult industry is enormous. That is why many internet marketing agencies avoid taking clients in the adult industry. It requires creating top-notch content, ranking then, and mitigating attacks from malicious competitors. Moreover, a little mistake can be costly in a world that is driven by social media and viral content. Also, Google does not hesitate to bad sites that do not comply with its strict guidelines.